Advances in technology play a huge role in the world of education. Such advancements have been applied to make educational methods much more practical. For example, digital technologies have certainly helped students to implement active learning. Students can now easily find and access the required information for their tasks or studies.
On the other hand, applying international languages ​​such as English and Arabic in schools is also important. In this modern era of education, almost all the updates, scientific breakthroughs, and latest information are more accessible in these international languages.
Both of the mentioned aspects are the focus of the Majapahit Technology Islamic Boarding School to prepare better future generations. In addition to the use of technology in learning, PTM also established a linguistic program as a forum for developing the language skills of the students and teachers. Here, we show the documentation during The English Club extracurricular activity at the Majapahit Technology Islamic Boarding School, supervised by one of our teachers, Mr. Khalid Abdullah. (red)
Pesantren Teknologi Majapahit
Technology To Elevate